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  1. Mary Derks Dellinger says:

    Hello, Is it too late to sign up for a half share. Would like to volunteer the hours needed. It may be mid may before I can have the entire 275.00 Thanks

  2. Hi Mary –
    Not too late to sign up, and no problem paying in mid May or later.

  3. Mary Hinkle says:

    I have been getting your spring mix through Mother Earth Produce. I have a question: Is it ready to be used when I receive it or does it need to be washed?

  4. Dennis Corvin-Blackburn says:

    Hi Steven, somehow Judith didn’t get the email. can we sign up for the two chickens per month and catch up with the ones we missed in May? Dennis Corvin-Blackburn. also we want to reserve a Thanksgiving turkey. Judith might duplicate this order so watch out for it. thanks

  5. Hi Mary –
    It comes to you triple washed and spin dried. No need to do anything extra.

  6. Hi Dennis –
    Just mail in an order form and check for the chicken share and deposit for T-giving turkey. We’ll get you signed up and feel free to pick up May’s chickens anytime at the farmers market. Thanks!

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